Forge Nicromo Spa

Forge Nicromo Srl was founded in 1986 under the name of Flange Nicromo in Cortabbio di Primaluna, Lecco. The firm, that stands on a 3.200 mqs area, is based on a single production line, composed by a mechanical Russian press of 1000 Tons and a continous bar furnace for the flange production.

2005 is the year of a great evolution in the company: the adoption of the new name, Forge Nicromo, is followed by important investments to enter the forge market, especially the Energetic, Petrolchimical and Mechanical fields, and by the selection of high-skilled employees in the Commercial, Productive and Quality divison. In the same year, the company obtains the ISO 9001:2000 certification (Now ISO 9001:2008).

Forge Nicromo installs the first hydraulic press of 1300 Ton, that affords to trasform up to 15-18 tons per day, a Wagner rolling mill able to product rings up to a 1500 mms diameter, three furnaces with preheat chamber, methan fueled, and two strip hacksaws for ingot cutting.

The increasing request from the market leads the company to new investments, and in 2008 the flanges forming division is moved to a new plant, just a few kms from the headquarter, in order to leave space to a second hydraulic press of 1000 tons, able to produce up to 10-12 tons of forges per day, two furnaces with preheat chamber, an electric master controller for the production of forged bar and two more strip hacksaws.

The growing of the customers list, the constant increasing of the commision and the assets maximization allow Forge Nicromo to a new evolution, that begins in september 2012 with the introduction of the new headquarter in Bindo di Cortenova, Lecco.


Forge Nicromo srl: Via Provinciale, 57 23813 - Bindo di Cortenova (LC)  Tel +39 0341 979831 Fax +39 0341 982228