Company : History

FAD Flange Spa was established in 1961 as a trading company, thanks to the ideas and will of a few people.

The determination profuse allows you to make the most of the few means available, at a time of economic expansion favorable for the sector, so that soon the leaders realize they can no longer satisfy their customers as they would like: 1967 is when you start the transformation of FAD in production company.

In the workshop make their appearance early lathes, the environments are expanded to make room for new staff and increasing amount of material being processed and to work with: the stock expands, customers increases, external workshops are selected for processing.

The idea remains constant to invest the profits, not ever lie down on what has been achieved so far, to be technologically up to date: the first numerical control machines begin to work in 1980, Giving a huge boost to the company's production volume.

It was also decided that, in order to ensure higher quality and less dependent on external suppliers, it is necessary to follow the manufacture of products in all its phases.

Thus was born FLANGE Nicromo: From 1986 with the installation of a molding system, it is possible to follow the production cycle of each flange from steel billet to the forging of the blank, from turning to painting of the finished product. By now the accumulated experience is great, The company has expanded physically and is well known in the petrochemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical.

The problem is now able to satisfy the customers in every situation, we realize that in fact the companies, to large-scale projects, they prefer to make use of specialist suppliers for each type of component that will form the plant, while the work of lesser entities consider most convenient to source from a single supplier.

The choice is that the splitting of a part of the commercial sector to manage at the best possible organizational level every business aspect.

FAD Spa, now established for the production of forged flanges and continue to address large supplies of these specific components, FAD INTERNATIONAL is formed in the 1995, with the intent of providing customers with the advantage of having a single point of contact and service to the complete package, and then be able to deal with flanges, tubular products, drawn and forged fittings, valves, joints and steering, and all other products related to the field.