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Forge Nicromo

Forge Nicromo Spa

Company specializing in the production of forged since 1986. It is on a surface of 12000 sqm of which 5000sqm covered.

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Our Partners

Fad International Spa

Fad International Spa

is formed in the 1995, with the intent of providing customers with the advantage of having a single point of contact and service to...

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The main goal of Fad Flange Spa is the interaction with the customers and his requirements.

The company is able to satisfy any kind of exigency and supply final products that respect the specifications and the deadlines requested.


Fad Flange Spa is proud to offer to his customers a wide range of forged and rolled materials, without limits of quantity or dimension.

The company manages equally purchase orders with big or small quantities with the maximum quality standard.


In today's market, where reliance and skills are the required main factors, FAD does not intend to compromise.

The products are always set on the customer's requirements concerning dimension, chemical composition and mechanical structure.